Diet and Health

Diet and Health: How I Got my Rights Back to My Own Curves

Diet and Health

Diet and Health: The title of this blog just seems funny, but what you read from this point forward is true and is indeed fruits of a good motivation, discipline, and a quest towards a healthier lifestyle.

I was in Junior High when I started getting weight

I went to college shed and gained again some weight. After graduation, I was lucky to get a job, I work at night so food have kept me awake and have made me endured the challenging shift. Given that coffee, chips, and sodas are free at work, I indulge myself to consuming them without realizing, I was slowly killing myself. My friends have been telling me about how risky my weight is, but I have just ignored all of it.

I had myself checked as a requirement at work and I was advised that I was Stage II obese. It was depressing, but it just made me eat more. Ever since before, my comfort has been food. I have waked up realizing the job and the food that comes with it would kill me. I have decided to quit my job and have landed on a teaching career. I felt normal, you know waking up in the morning going to work and I go home in the afternoon and spend most of my nights at home. However, I was not still losing weight.

I have read a few articles online have managed to buy some diet pills and supplements and have even tried hard to get to the gym (I really hate going to the gym). To stay active, I have engage in badminton (the only sport that I think I like), but eventually I could never survive a week getting on the schedule. I even forget to drink my diet pills. I tried to cut off on some food and have tried eating healthy, but I only last a day or two.

A month ago, I was rushed to the hospital due to severe headache, high blood pressure, and difficulty breathing. Not to mention the intermittent drowsiness. Doctors were able to find out that I am suffering from hypertension, high uric acid, and high blood sugar. If this would continue I might die before reaching the age of 35 and I am just 32 now. I was upset mostly about myself because I have allowed this to happen. After a few days at the hospital and some tests, I went home with the list of maintenance meds and the type of food that I do not have to eat.

Irresponsible Adult

Given the consequences of being an irresponsible adult when it comes to my health, I have contemplated on the fact that I am just too young to die and I can avoid it by being healthy. With a heavy heart I started avoiding sodas and coffee and had tea instead. It was not as fulfilling as coffee, but I was healthy. I drink tea and I see to it that I drink 5 cups of green tea a day. The result was exemplary. I was able to lose a bit of belly fat and from 120kls. I was 118 in two weeks! I also avoided eating more of processed food, sodas, and chips. I eat more bananas, drank lemon water twice a day (1 glass in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). I eat also a lot of vegetables and more on fish than other meat products.

For a month now, I can feel that my body is starting to thank me for giving up the food that had almost killed it. I don’t gasp for air for a short work. I am still a work in progress, I am still having my maintenance and I still go to my check ups. But, I am having natural remedies that have no contraindications with the meds that I am having and make me feel great about myself. I will continue to inform you about my wonderful journey in a month. See yah!