Interior Design

How to Style a Japandi-Inspired Home

The Scandinavian styling is all based on earthy and neutral colours like cool grey, white and cream. Such tones creates a peace and calming environment. Its main emphasis is on bright natural lighting and clean lines that promotes simplicity.

Similar to Scandinavian’s elements, the Japanese home styling focuses on flexibility and nature. The main materials used includes light and dark timber, bamboo, rice straw matt, and the colours of the furniture are the material itself. It is all about minimalism.

Fusing these two styles together with their unique characteristic creates Japandi. The blend in the bright and natural lightings and mix of light and dark timbers in furniture effortlessly creates beauty and reinforces minimalism.

To get the Japandi look in your home, here are a few pieces of furniture you will want to consider getting.

Light lamps

A white light lamp is ideal in a Japandi styled home as it will create a sense of peace and harmony in contrast to your darker pieces of furniture in the room. Balance is key in a Japandi home. This Pear Pendant Light also appears similar to a Japanese lantern, reflecting the Japanese culture.


A neatly woven, light coloured rug is another essential staple piece of furniture. It is simple and easy to opt for.


A Japandi styled home is not complete without wooden chairs. It is a distinctive furniture, aesthetically good looking and embraces nature. It is all about simplicity and modern living.


Getting a sofa in the right colour and material is essential in a Japandi styled room as it will most likely be placed in the centre of the room. Something like this, a simple comfortable looking sofa is what you want.

What’s your favourite way to incorporate the Japandi-inspired style into your home? Let me know in the comments or feel free to contact me!