A Manly Guide To Winter Attire

Dress For Warmth

Dressing in the winter months can be quite a challenge for some, as the need to flaunt skin and physique conflicts with staying warm. Thin styling and cool jackets are now put deeper within the wardrobe as winter is here.

So embrace it, and dress to impress but to also stay warm. Winter is a great season for all guys of shapes and sizes, as with winter attire, layering is key. You wouldn’t really be flaunting off your physique or showing much skin in the cold winter months.

For the skinnier guys – Winter is as mentioned perfect for layering, layering is your game, this is a chance to no doubt look bigger and more masculine without suffocating and sweating.

While for the bigger guys, layering is still well considered – but do keep in mind of the material. You would also have to keep layering proportional, your upper shouldn’t look overly layered that your lower body looks skinny. Here are some basics and tips on some winter attire and how to look attractive yet still manly.

Layering Is Key

In winter, wearing a jumper and a shirt is sometimes not enough. Don’t be afraid of wearing too much, wear what would keep you warm. It doesn’t really help when you are a walking popsicle.

You ideally want a few thin layers and one single thick outer layer to finish it off. If matched correctly, your attire would be ready to be adored.

The lighter and thinnest layer should be the first layer, you want this to be as close to your body as possible so it would not cause any unwanted shapes and folds on the other layers. Usually a thermal or tee will work well, and whenever it gets way too hot, you have something to fallback on.

The second layer would typically be a proper shirt, with the third being a knit, cardigan, light jumper or sweater. This layer, is the focal part that really decides on what makes the combination a good outfit or a bad one.

Deciding on what knit to pair with the outer layer can be difficult as it comes down to the styles and colours present. Avoid wearing clothing with meaningless prints as well as the terrible loose sweaters unless you really want to or supposedly something goofy, as to start conversation.

The last outer layer is a jacket or coat, wearing a coat on top of a jacket blazer would also work well for those extra lavish occasions. Outerwear is quite a challenging topic as it is hard to stay away from those big bomber jackets and fur coats in winter – though the best option outer coat would be a medium-length pea coat or leather jacket.

Something simple in design and less intricate is the way to go, unless you absolutely want to wear the others.

When considering colours, the first layer is typically the lightest and brightest colour with the outer layer always being the darkest.

Though having a light outer and dark contrast inner layer can work well if the shades of colours are right, like a tan coat with inner black sweater will definitely stand out from the crowd. This comes up to the selection of clothes you have.

When thinking of patterns, it can be worn both ways, from the least complex to most complex and vice versa, though thicker material is ideal – forget the linen and seek fabrics made of wool.

Next in line is pants. Jeans and chinos are the usual options. For jeans you can opt for the thicker denim, but avoid skinny jeans as this does not keep you warm, consider sticking to slim cuts. Skinny is also avoided because it only accentuates the bigger upper layer of the body – you wouldn’t want to look like you have chicken legs. Wool trousers are also a great option for those that want to look sharper.


I’d love to hear how you stay warm and look smart in winter! Comment below or feel free to contact me!