5 Tips to Pick the Right Suit

The thought of buying a new suit can terrify many because there is a certain art to it. If your knees start to tremble at the thought of pickling out a new suit, then keep these 5 tips in mind to ease the process!

Know the colours

There are three main styles of suits; blue, black and grey. If you are looking at other colours you either need to calm down and read this guide first, or your clearly advanced at suit buying and I will update this site with a Winter trends guide soon! Deciding on the colour is the most important beginner’s step, and then you move onto style; tux, pinstripe, narrow fit etc. Blue is on trend for Winter in Australia.

Do your research

Explore the web, compare companies, and figure out a price. Think about a suit as more of an investment than other items of clothing. So don’t try to skimp on cost, because you will loose out on quality. Checking in on menswear retailers, and finding out when mid-season/end of year sales are can help you keep costs down.

Read more blogs

Check out some of my favourite blogs for fashion, and life advice. Keep up to date with trends, and look for styles that would suit you.

Try before you buy

You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first, so don’t try it with a suit. I know online shopping is everything, but in a day and age where black and gold can look like blue and white, taking this kind of risk with big purchases isn’t worth it! Before purchasing a $500+ suit you should have tried on at least 10 suits. Play by my golden rule and you will never leave disappointed: try something on, and if you love it, leave and come back the next day. If you leave thinking about it, and when you try it on for the second time you are still in love, buy it. If it isn’t there, or you aren’t still admiring it from afar you are much better off without it. Impulse shopping is never ever positive.

Tailor Tailor Tailor

Go and get that damn thing tailored, have you ever seen a man who should be in a 38 regular rocking a 42 slim? It’s hideous, tailoring can make or break a suit. No idea what I’m talking about, go do your research buddy you aren’t at the suit buying stage yet!


If you have any more helpful tips you have used to pick the perfect suit I’d love to hear them. Comment below or feel free to contact me.