Interior Design

5 Tricks to Update Your Bedroom

Update your bedroom this month! A few small changes to your space really can feel like a holiday – a holiday away from your roommates! Don’t be suffocated in stuff, do a clear out and take on board these five easy and cheap tricks to update your bedroom.

Colour Pop

Colour is amazing but dangerous! Throw a few bright pillows on your bed, or grab that Aztec rug you have been eyeing off! Just keep it simple, less is more when it comes to bringing colour into your home.

Retro Prints

Wall art only means keeping a simple room at all times in the year. This allows you to cycle images, and keep your room on trend, making a statement at the same time!

Statement Furniture

High cost – High reward. Furniture is a must in updating a room, but pick carefully as something you invest in now can really have a dramatic effect on your room and your bank account.

Wooden furniture within a home gives it a beautifully natural feel and immediately creates a sense of warmth. The benefit of purchasing pieces made out of quality timber is that it is incredibly resistant, allowing you to keep cherished furniture for many years.

Indoor Plants

Keeping plants inside is on trend this season. So do your research and drop into your closest nursery or Bunnings, and jump on ferns and evergreens that will thrive inside.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Do you have a habit of hoarding? Don’t we all! But, stop! If not for yourself do it for fashion! Keeping those weird trinkets, McDonald’s toys and other knick knacks won’t increase in value or add anything to your life. So do yourself a hug favour and get spring cleaning! You’ll be surprised the difference this can make to a space and you won’t look back!


If you’ve got other tips I’d love to hear them, so feel free to contact me!