Interior Design

5 Living Room Furniture Essentials

Finding the right furniture for your living room can be really time consuming. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s hard to decide on the right one! Regardless of style, there are some pieces that can make or break the look in your living room.

Check out five living room furniture must-haves and start building the home of your dreams.


1. Get comfy on the sofa

Think about your needs to get the ideal sofa for your home.  If you have a large family, a corner sofa with extra seating space would be perfect. Opt for a cute loveseat for a cosy feel for two, or choose a reclining sofa for maximum comfort! It’s also important to take material into account. Leather sofas are easier to clean, whereas fabric sofas are harder to do so but are also a great option because it can create more of a homely vibe.


2. Find the right place for your entertainment system

Once you have your sofa in place, it’s time to choose where you want to put your television, console or music system to get the full effect. Choose an entertainment unit that accents your decor to tie in the look in your living room. For example, opt for a simple, white tv unit to get a Scandi look, or choose a antique style mahogany unit made of quality timber for a traditional feel.


3. Tables, Tables, Tables

Now it’s time to decide on the right coffee table for your lounge. Coffee tables are practical pieces that offer space for you to share with others, and store magazines and books. Be sure to choose the right style for your space. Look for a round coffee table to suit a smaller living room, or choose a rectangle shaped table for a larger space.


4. Stylish storage

Choose the right kind of storage to keep your living room clutter free. If you’re an avid reader, invest in a bookcase or display cabinet to keep your reading material organised. Choose magazine racks, baskets and boxes or ottomans for smaller living room spaces. Shelving is also a handy way to keep your room looking tidy and showing off your personal style.


5. Finishing touches

Now that your living room is starting to come together, complete the look with wall accents, canvas prints and more! Choose cushions, photo frames and other decorative pieces that suit your taste and show off your style. Add stylish rugs to your home to tie in your colour scheme and accent your decor perfectly.