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5 Tips on Being a Groomsman

At the age of 23, marriage is the last thing on my mind and don’t really care much for it. However, since my brother announced he is getting married I’ve really started to understand the amount of stress and planning that goes into getting married. As one of his groomsmen and his little brother, I got to experience first-hand how high pressured this environment can get. Check out my five tips on how to prepare yourself for being a groomsman.

1. Be Prepared to Help Out the Groom…and Bride!

Just because you’re a groomsman doesn’t mean you’re pigeon-holed just to help out the groom if he needs it! Chances are, since you’ve made it to groomsman status you would like have a good friendship with the bride as well. So don’t just ask the groom if he needs any help, but also the bride! Don’t shy away from the opportunity to step up and take on some extra responsibility like organising drinks at the suit fitting, or even running a few extra errands in the days leading up!

2. Don’t get too drunk, too early

Being a groomsman at a wedding is kind of different to being a normal guest at a wedding; you have actual responsibilities beyond just showing up and getting crunk. You’re there to lend a helping hand, whether it’s pick-up the rings the groom’s left behind…or his shoes. Your key role on the day is getting him to the ceremony before his bride arrives.

3. Suit up!

In the wise words of Barney Stinson it’s time to “Suit Up!” You want to make sure that the groom and the groomsmen pick out your suits with at least one month to the wedding! For me, my brother took us all to a suit store in Melbourne and we had a few beers as we tried on the wedding suits. However, not all of them were perfectly sized so needed some altering, which is why I recommend leaving plenty of time for that to get done. Also don’t get the suits made too early because who knows if some of the guys is going to lose or gain a few!

4. Bachelor party

The bachelor party is pretty much the highlight of any wedding besides the actual wedding, so there are going to be some pretty high expectations. Everyone has no doubt seen the bachelor parties in movies, the ones that fly on what looks like an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas including private villa, champagne bottles, and poolside service. However, what make work for the movies and for some grooms may not work for yours.

It’s all about showing how much you know about the groom. If they’re outdoorsy plan a weekend adventure, or if they’re a fishing enthusiast hire out a boat. You get the idea! Also my last piece of advice is not to have the bachelor party the day before the wedding because raging hangovers and nuptials are not a good mix.

5. Spa day

Who says spa days should be left to the bride’s party? There is clearly no better way of curing your hangover from the bachelor party than hitting up the day spa. Spend the day lazing around, steaming in the sauna, and rejuvenating what is essentially your soul in facials and spa treatments! After the spa day everyone is going to feel fresh and ready for the wedding, so it works perfectly as the post-bachelor-pre-wedding event!

Well there you have it, a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way of being my brother’s groomsmen. If all else fails just be ready and keen to offer a helping hand to the groom and bride, it will show them how much you’re willing to help out and they will really appreciate it!