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5 Ways you can use an Embroidery to Spruce up your Home!

Did you know you could spruce up your home’s decor with an Embroidery Machine? There are so many cool projects that are quick and easy to uplift your decor for just a few pennies.

You can find many creative ideas online through blogs, Pinterest, and on Facebook. In order to save you time on searching, I have compiled a list of the easiest ideas out there!


Add embroidery monograms or images to your bathroom towels!

Do you have a guest bathroom? If so, pick up some towels at your local store, nothing fancy, since you are going to make them fancy yourself. Pick colors that go well with your guest bathroom or neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. Then pick a color for your monograms that compliments the color of the towels.

Is your guest bathroom white with a little color? This is a great way to add colored towels with a white monogram without redoing the whole bathroom.

You can even go a step further and add the word guest or welcome to the towels instead of your family’s initials. Do you have guests that will be staying over this holiday season? These make a great gift to send them home with as well!


Create intricately embroidered throw pillows to use as decoration in your lounge and bedroom!

Need a change but cannot blow the budget? What about upgrading your pillows. Grab a few pillows you already have or from a local pillow store and create covers for them quickly with your sewing and embroidery machine.

Give each pillowcase a cool, funky design with the colors already in your room, or perhaps add some new accent colors.


Add embroidery accents to boring old kitchen towels!

You can also do this with your kitchen towels. Why buy expensive holiday towels when you can make your own?

Grab a few from your local dollar store, and add cute turkey designs or a pumpkin pie to them to make them festive! This will help to brighten up the kitchen it’s can help to inspire more culinary adventures.


Got a boring old lampshade? How about designing a new colorful embroidery designed cover instead!

Before you throw out that old lamp, give it a chance of a new life with a newly personalized lampshade.

Include your children’s favorite characters and add a low watt bulb for added effect, so they can enjoy the designs at bedtime. Alternatively bring it into your office to spruce up your workspace by adding some color.


Add interest and creative design to your bedding, by adding some lovely embroidery designs.

Already have pillows that you have created but need more color in your room? Another easy way is to pick up a small throw blanket from your local store or at your fabric store in town and start playing.

Perhaps you can create some cute kittens playing with yarn designs or a holiday scene like a bright Christmas Tree with different colored lights and lots of gifts under it. Since it is an accent throw, you don’t need a lot of material, but it’s an easy way to give your room some color and add that holiday touch for next to nothing.


As you can see, there are number of things that you can do around your home with a use of embroidery and sewing machine. I bet that whilst you were reading this post, you have come up with some of your own ideas as well. I wonder what they are?

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