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How to Take the Hard Work Out of Dinner Time

Dinner time is stressful for most because you could quite possibly be stretching yourself between work, kids, cleaning, preparing for tomorrow and whatever else may be on your to-do list.

Making this particular time of day easier will be feel like an absolute miracle, so here are some sneaky tips for you to get on top of your dinner time routine.

Prep Your Meals in Advance

Most people think that meal prep is only for those health and fitness gurus but this process could really help you and your family out! Not only does it allow you to think ahead and plan healthier meals, it takes the stress out of the prep, planning and cooking of dinner during the week.

If you take some time every sunday, or whatever day works for you to sit down and plan your meals for the week, prep what you need to and cook what you can, this will drastically improve your dinner time routine.

This will spare up some time for you to spend some time with the family, or whatever else you may have planned.


One Tray Oven Meals

Planning a meal for a whole family can be stressful and time consuming. One of the easiest ways to get this done in one whole go is to make a meal where everything goes in the oven.

Instead of using 100 pots and pans and washing up for days, try some one-tray oven meals.

There are a bunch of different recipes online, or get creative and do your own thing!

You can add a bunch of veggies, some delicious meats, chuck on a tray and you’ve got dinner ready to go! This should help you free up some extra time as well!

Get Everyone Involved

If deciding what to have dinner often ends in a screaming match, then you need a way to make this decision making process a more exciting experience for the whole family.

There are a bunch of interactive apps and sites that will allow everyone to get involved.

Some of my favourites include the Kraft iFood Assistant, the Flavour Generator and Epicurious, but there are several options out there so do your research.

This is a great way to get the kids involved, making dinner time a family affair!

Try The Slow Cooker

Most people are pressed for time around dinner so the invention of the slow cooker was instrumental. The ease of knowing that dinner will be cooked and ready for you when you get home is a dream come true and the slow cooker allows that to happen.

There are a bunch of delicious slow cooker recipes online so make the most of it and try a whole bunch. I find that these are a great option in the cooler months of the year!

Get creative in your kitchen and keep your nights stress free with some of these great ideas!


If you have any other great ideas that you think should be added to this post comment below or feel free to contact me!