Interior Design

Lighting ideas for any space

It’s easy to overlook lighting as an element when you are redecorating a space. The lighting you pick will help brighten a dark area, make an artistic statement, or highlight a favourite element in your room.

Living room

The living room area is the main focal point of the house. From family relaxation and entertainment to social gatherings – everything happens in the living room. Many different types of lighting is therefore needed.

If your furniture is mainly modern Scandinavian with light brown hues, a tripod light is not only unique but artsy to place next to a sofa. It will work well as task lighting when you want to do some light reading. If you’re going for a more traditional look, Tiffany lamps are not only functional but work as great decorative pieces on a side table. Track lighting on walls is also great to use in the living room when you want to direct lighting towards paintings and mantels.




Rosalyn Natural Large Twist Tripod Floor Lamp
14 cm Minimalist Glass Wall Light
Baroque Tiffany Table Lamp

Kitchen and dining room

Low hanging ceiling lights work well when hung over a dining table or kitchen island, especially rooms with high ceilings. A classic option that will serve as ambient lighting is a chandelier, which will bring a sense of elegance to space. If you prefer less traditional lighting, pendant lights are a modern and stylish way to use low hanging ceiling fixtures. You may want to feature a long pendant fixture as the focal point of your kitchen or hang multiple pendants above your kitchen island to add various depth to space.


Replica Tom Dixon Copper Pendant
Carlo 4 Light Oval Pendant


The type of lighting in your bedroom should help evoke a feeling of calmness as the bedroom is where you want to unwind and fall asleep. The use of natural lighting is also very important as you want to rise and shine full of energy, so you want to face the bed towards the window – and have thick curtains to effectively cover the natural lighting when needed. You also want some great task lighting that is not only functional but will work as great decorative pieces. Silver, copper and black desk lamps work well when your bedroom furniture is leaning towards industrial urban. On the other hand, porcelain bedside lamps work well if your bedroom furniture is leaning towards more country french and chic. If your aim is to save space, wall sconces are great as they don’t take up any space. They also work well on headboards for when you want to read comfortably.



Rove Desk Lamp
Chester Porcelain Table Lamp


The bathroom is where you want the brightest and clearest lighting – as this is the space where you do tasks from cleansing to putting on makeup. A great way to glamourise your bathroom is to install wall lights around your vanity mirror for the perfect task lighting. For more functionality, a bathroom fan will aid in ventilation. Floor lights in the shower and around your bathtub is also another way to add a wow-factor to space, giving off a more spa-like feel.



Eternity One Light Wall Sconce

With these lighting ideas in mind, don’t forget to have fun and add some sparkle when it comes to lighting up your space!