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Tips When Preparing To Sell Your Home

Individuals across the globe yearn for a stress-free life which they can enjoy and live to the fullest. Moving home is one of the lives many stresses, with more than half of Aussies claiming moving home to be the biggest stressful life experience they’ve gone through. Getting your property in ship-shape ready for the estate agent’s photos and making it perfect for potential viewings can be difficult. There’s the de-cluttering of the living room, tidying up of the garden, removing personal items and finding the perfect lighting to consider to attract a buyer for that all elusive sale.

Why do people move house?

If moving is so stressful, you may be wondering why so many people do it. For some, as their families expand, their current home is no longer viable for them and moving into a bigger property is the only alternative. Whereas, downsizing may be the perfect option for an individual whose family has flown the nest. Some people may even want to better their life by selling up and moving to a new country to be around family and friends.

One thing to consider when planning on selling your home is your mortgage. If you find you’re in negative equity then you should carefully consider your options and potentially look to pay off a lump sum of your mortgage to make selling up and taking out a mortgage on your new property less stressful. Seniors are increasingly opting to take out reverse mortgages to help fund retirement; the great thing about these types of mortgages is that they can easily sell their home by paying off their reverse mortgage loan.

How to attract buyers

Boosting your home’s curb appeal is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to make your home stand out from all the rest on the property market. Things you can do include tidying and giving the front of your house a fresh coat of paint, planting bright, colorful flowers, trimming hedges and bushes and carrying out any repair work, such as fixing broken fence panels.

Once you’ve taken steps to lure a potential buyer inside your property, be sure that it’s clean and tidy and any items that clutter up the house have been stored away. When someone steps into your home they want to imagine a life away from their current residence and visualize a perfect family life in their potential new home. Therefore, try to de-personalize as much as possible by removing family photographs and keepsakes.


Don’t ruin a potential sale by showing unfinished repair jobs. If there’s scuffed paintwork in the hallway, a kitchen cupboard door hanging off or a leaking tap in the bathroom, be sure to get them all fixed, looking good and in full working order before allowing a viewing in your home. This is the most effective way of securing a positive viewing and being one step closer to your improved life in your new home.

Although preparing your home for sale and moving property is stressful experiences, they are experiences well worth it as they can lead to bigger and better things for you and your family.

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